Amon Amarth – Thor Get up Lyrics

Artist: Amon Amarth
Tune: Thor Get up

Thor, God of lightning
Weigh down all from the skies
Tough in his, signal of the hammer
Vikings apply him anyplace

Touring some distance around the waves
They wept, they don’t need to die
Working from their roaring hordes
Crusing, their banners

On via far-off shores
Crushing, resistance
Anyplace they’re
Warriors of vikings

Who die with sword in hand
Looking glory in combat
The shores are tainted in blood
Looking, a struggle

The wheat, is on hearth
And after they die
They’ll raid Valhalla
Oh mighty thor

Display us the way in which
Display us the way in which
In holy battle
Lord of thunder

Wield your thunder around the skies
Swing your hammer
Sound of thunder lead our method
Thor rise up

In Human blood
A sacrifice
To our true gods

Thor rise up
We’re Vikings
Vikings we stay
It’s in our blood

One thing in our veins
Oh hammer
Crack the skies
Mighty energy

Thor rise up
Get up
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Amon Amarth Lyrics – Thor Get up

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As opposed to The Global
Free up Yr: 2002

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