Chris “The Glove” Taylor – Tibetan Jam Lyrics

Artist: Chris “The Glove” Taylor
Tune: Tibetan Jam

We’ve simply taken over all airwaves
Don’t try to alternate the channel, for we’ve got occupied all frequencies

We, the possessors of the traditional Tibetan principle, holds you all as hopeless prisoners for our experiments, ha ha ha ha!
We, who keep an eye on the bass
We, who keep an eye on the treble
We will alternate the soundwaves from piercing highs to thundering lows

For the following couple of mins, your thoughts, frame and soul shall be unavoidably inlfiltrated via the almighty supernatural powers of the Tibetan Jam
At this very second, our particular molecular heatwaves are being transferred into your frame by way of the dance flooring and the audio system
As your frame temperature rises, you are going to understand and start to pulsing {?} with the beat of the song {?}
Presently, women and men will have to via all way no longer chorus from transferring nearer, nearer!, nearer!

To the audio system, to obtain the entire power of the Tibetan Jam
Because the song takes you right into a apparently trance-like mind-set
It’s extremely beneficial that you just cooperate with the sensation to transport and dance
Many have tried to battle the rhythmic powers of the Tibetan Jam via status completely nonetheless

Now not beneficial
“I will be able to no longer dance”
“I don’t wanna dance”
“Smartly, possibly I {?}”

“I’m dancing”
“I’m dancing!”
“I will be able to’t prevent my ft!”

This maneuver isn’t secure, for it’s going to purpose a undeniable overload of Tibetan heatwaves
Loss of movement may just turn out deadly
Dance, you idiot!

We now go back to you keep an eye on of the airwaves

All which can be can jam
All this is can transfer
So we’re in my view on the lookout for topics who don’t reply to the song
In order that we will be able to carry them to our laboratories and use them as {?} run many extra elaborate exams and experiments, ha ha ha!

Our brokers are amongst you, beware!
However this is able to by no means occur to you, ’purpose you’re dancing, proper?
Ha ha ha ha ha!
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Chris “The Glove” Taylor Lyrics – Tibetan Jam

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