Working from home or in a remote location is straightforward enough, but it’s important to stay professional even if your surroundings don’t look the same. For anyone working in a spare bedroom, at the kitchen table or even sat on the sofa, video conferencing is a scenario when you’d probably prefer to keep things going on in the background well and truly obscured. Enter then the capacity for hiding said background with a rather more sober and sensible shade of blue or green.

Multiple choice

In fact, many video conferencing programs allow you to change the background to something else entirely. So if you think the time is ripe for something a little more relaxing than a plain blue or green background then perhaps a woodland scene or Lakeland background might be the way to go. It obviously depends on the context of your meeting, but having the ability to flavor your meeting with something complimentary to the subject matter might be a neat touch.

Sight considerations


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