RedCloud – Struggle Celebrity Galactic Lyrics

Artist: RedCloud
Music: Struggle Celebrity Galactic

I think a supernova swooping over you and your uh
Sit down and wait a minute guy
Seldom into sentimental propaganda
Components of enemy

Headed for the pedigree
Deader than the beat or the toes of a centipede recipe
Higher move retreat hypothetically
Heck I’ll by no means let it’s, heck I’ll by no means let it’s

Hiya, y’all ain’t in a position calling any, all and everybody will get buried
Block and perry, glocks get carried through my pretty secretary
House of 3-1-0 Hawthorne, LA killer California
Time flies just like the wind, fruit flies like bananas

And sure that’s Hydro my DJ
I’d kick myself within the drawers a pair occasions for the purpose
Ahead of you busters utter wackness in a combat you misplaced
RedCloud and sirROC, we working underground railroad chaingangs

Placing off banging iron to skull hiya
Yo it’s that superior tonsil gospel that I tossed at your council
I’ll convey an oz. of holy water just like the thirteenth apostle
Yo if He’s now not Lord of all then He’s now not Lord in any respect

Whilst He’s knocking on the door we’re nailing forums to the wall
BattleStar, how are you doing this night?
You’ve were given the illest freestyles I’ve ever heard in my lifestyles
BattleStar, why don’t you soar within the cyph?

Come on and bless us with the hottest off the highest for those who’re tight
BattleStar, this night’s open mic
100 bucks for your pocket for those who’re rocking it proper
BattleStar, galactic and I’m international

I may inherit the universe for the cost of my pleasure
Scanning the environment with a retractable monacle
I spot a pteradactyl sporting a child like a stork
I park my bionic Oldsmobile on the north megastar and wait

I’ll convey my sand to the seashore, and I’ll stand on castles underneath
And harm coral reefs, deeper than deep, rinse and repeat
Consider the excitement’s immeasurable, the drive is etched onto stone
Conquered through the concrete, born in Hawthorne

The citadel in flames, a passport for the bloodsport
Distorted within the nook with a crossbow and pitchfork
Washington, Oregan, Cali, marching in born once more rallies
Washing and watering alleys, happy we will be able to assist

When my middle stops, when my middle stops
When my middle stops beating
I think the beat and its freedom eternally candy
And there’s truly little need for respiring

However truly what will get to me is the pistons plunging and pumping
And relying on absolute best pitch, I’ll are expecting that had been getting lit
Guy it’s etiquette, not one of the much less
Credit score for each and every breath

Get ready me with determination for international locations of burning up pink
Studying the order from the warden, make it shatter, scar and crack it
Damage me and make me till I’m combat megastar galactic
Order from the warden, make it shatter, scar and crack it

Damage me and make me till I’m combat megastar galactic
(I’m coming throughout the audio system, coming throughout the tweeters
Popping out the closet dressed in not anything however my shoes
Phrase as much as Purple, friend, the place’d ya get the ones peepers?

How a lot is that puppy within the window?
Hmm, come shut honey, watch me do my diddy
Stomping throughout the territory, stomping via your town
Chrysanthemums and lilies, mmm lovely

You wanna freestyle however you couldn’t loose Willy)
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RedCloud Lyrics – Struggle Celebrity Galactic

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